Easy Beads is a small UK business run by mother & son and is born out of two passions, for the craft and for the opportunity to share that craft with the world.


Easy Beads has been established since 2019 and we pride ourselves on specialising in premium quality seed beads, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. As a small family run business we consider ourselves the UK's best direct seed beads supplier online. We have scoured the globe for unique seed beads from top quality manufacturers and offer them to UK consumers at the best possible prices. 


Based in the United Kingdom, Easy Beads sells seed beads and jewellery making components online and by mail-order for craftworkers who want to create their own jewellery. We supply small craft shops, market traders, individuals and re-sellers around the world on both a retail and a wholesale basis and have an extensive range of seed beads from India, all of which we keep in stock.


We are committed not only to bringing you the best seed beads online but also the best seed beads information and projects for you to try.

What Are Seed Beads?

Seed beads, which can sometimes also be called rocallies are round beads with a threading hole that come in various sizes. They start at under 1mm and go all the way up to 6.5mm.

What Are The Best Needles And Threads For Seed Beads Projects?

All Seed Bead projects have many elements. Choosing the right size of needle and thread, is one of the most important parts of the process.

How To Read Beading Patterns

Getting into a new craft can be a daunting and confusing process. Lots of people go through the same problems that you do. So in order to understand beading patterns better and make it a little easier, we’ve got some tips right here.

Understanding seed bead lingo

trying to understand how to read a beading pattern can be as complicated as banging your head against a complex maths problem. Here we have broken down the buzz words surrounding seed beads to help you