Violet Bugle Seed Beads Direct From Easy Beads - 4mm (Hole 1mm)

Beautiful violet bugle seed beads direct from Easy Beads.


Colour Violet
Size 4mm


These purple 4mm bugle seed beads are perfect for delicate embroidery, crochet, jewellery making and crafting.

These are perfectly sized bugle beads and measure approximately 4mm long with a 1 mm threading hole. Sold in multiples of 10 grams. These bugle beads have a glossy violet casing with a dark interior. 

  • These are bugle beads.
  • Each bead measures approx. 4mm.
  • Threading hole measures approx. 1mm.
  • Sold in multiples of 10g (approx. 350 bugle beads) Buy more and save :)